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How To Tied Your Favorite Man Down So Leaving Does Not Cross His Mind

Author Dr. James. A McBean. D.Th., MCC

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Publisher: Revival Tract Ministries Inc

A fter you read this book, things goner change for you. A great many women, are blessed with looks, and a great many men came their way daily, but they have never able to tied one of those men down after the sex. A smart woman will examine all her attitudes and belief system to see if there are any things that is causing a reverse attitude in her men. The attitude that we displayed can cause a person to come are run.

We mystics from the realm of fire and wind, continue to strive from one generation to the next, down through numberless ages. The men that went out to kill us are the very ones that are protecting us. Even the dark art we call sorcery are based on cosmic laws. Everything around us, above and below, is based on certain principles or laws. You can manipulate it; you can change it, and rearrange it. You can use it to serve you are causing it to get out of control and destroys you. It is all up to you and how you approach it. A man in a relationship with a woman is no different, once a man is attracted to a woman; there is no reason why he should get off the hook, use her, and slip away, except bad attitude and mismanagement on the woman’s part. She suppose to be able to tie him down like a wild dog, have him plant her field and raise a family, instead of using her like a blow up doll, then tucked her into a corner and went off, his merry ways singing as he go. Some women spent so many times on their faces that the attitude and sense suffer.

The difference between ordinary people and wizards, ordinary people only use a little bit of their mind while we on the other hand use most of our minds, and use the other section of the mind of ordinary people, to control them. One of my friends says: “When making love to a woman, bust her up, make her cry, make her run” Yes! But when she run; she ran all the way home to her papa and she is not coming back ever, every time she saw the man it brings back bad memories to her mind and she freeze up. However, where I am concerned:

My philosophy is to give her so much pleasure, that every time she remembers my name or hear my voice, dopamine start to release into her circulation system, and she comes running to me. One man's behavior chases her away while the other man's behavior enslaves her. While doing mechanical work, whenever I worked on a customer vehicle, every little problem I found I fixed it for the same price, and wash and clean out the vehicle before the customer picked up the vehicle, the customer is pleasing, so please that he keeps sending people. When I was doing tailoring in Jamaica, West Indies, I use the same techniques, and no other tailor could take my customers, where ever I put up a shop.

Anytime a woman gives me a hug I massage her backs, for a minute while I hold her, after that she keep running into my arms. If you want people to come, the treatment that you give them will cause them to come, or run away from you.

A Man cannot read a Woman’s Mind:

Do the average men know what women want? Hell no. Do women know what they want? I do not think so!

Never Deal With Your Man Base On Animosity:

When OJ Simpson was accused of killing his white wife, not one person I talk with was looking at the evidence. The black women say “he is guilty as hell because he went and married to a white woman, bringing back all that money into the white family.” The white people were saying “he is guilty as hell he is black.” All their judgment or conclusion was based on personal feeling, not on the evidence that was presented. He spent his whole life in prison, and his case has never been tried. Only a few people in this world can come out of personal feeling and do not act in malice.

Always Be A Lady Indeed:

No mule farting around your man, and no pig sty kind of living. Men rate women base on how they carry themselves, including their car and home. You do not have to be a clean freak, but you need to have the place in order.

Do Not Poison Your Mind With Overconfidence:

A woman will be in the party and thinking that she is the only woman there with a vagina. There is not another God almighty in this whole universe but she. No other woman has a cutup, but her. Then they dragged the same attitude within their relationship, which challenge the men and provoke them to show her that other woman are around, she is not the only one that lives in this jungle.

Be Aware Of Taboos:

“If you give the man stink skin, he cannot stop coming around” This is what the friend who want the man to leave so she can get him told the foolish woman to do. You are going to make love, you must be sensible enough to use proper hygiene. Bad odor is going to cause the man to run fast and run far, you will be lucky if he even finish what he started. If you failed the finger and nose test, you fail forever. I sound blunt, but this is the hard reality of life, even a dirty man do not like a dirty woman.

Do Not Forget The Power Of Sex:

This is where church going women defeats themselves, trying to impress the men with boring sex, trying to give the impression that they have no experience in things of this sort, and blew it for themselves. Some also use sex to fix a problem, which only triggers off more problem, as you will see in later chapters.

Be Practical Be Sensible:

Save time for the man you live with, he will think you have somebody else on the side, why he is always being ignored. If you act with spites, your man will react with spites, spites only bring spites. The Japanese said: “Even no response is another form of responding” Whenever a woman hurt me, and I keep silent, they do not understand the silence is a form of responding. I want the way he she treated me to continue until it become a habit, for he she to treat people like this, and when I am gone from them, they will continue treating people like that and keep getting the same rejections.

Do Not Let The Church Govern Your Sex Life:

Your sex life is between you and God, do not let the church people governed that part of your life; it is between you and God. I have seen many young girls over the years terminate their pregnancy to keep the status in the church, and still the church people find out. Sex is a natural part of our human biology, exercise it if you want, if the Lord call you to a life of celibacy, he will remove the gift of sex desires from you.

Ezekiel 24:16 Son of man, behold, I take away from thee the desire of thine eyes with a stroke: yet neither shalt thou mourn nor weep, neither shall thy tears run down.

I know pastors who preach fornication like crazy at the same time they take away many wives and even pregnant some, you must know how far to let people lead you.

Spiritual Principles That Can Make Your Marriage Stand up Like Concrete Wall:

How To Know What God Intended Of You And I: If our Lord is not here in person, then he must have left some form of instructions behind, so we can know how to carry on until he returns, and this is where the testaments come in. A testament is a written document on a testator’s plan, and how he or she wants his or her property to be dispersed in his or her absence. There comes a time when the document needs to be updated or modify. The second document or the modification is called the “New Testament” and, the original document is called “The Old Testament”

If you and I have a problem in our marriage life, the best salvation to our problem is to consult the testaments, and see how the testament says we are to conduct ourselves in the marriage.

If you think that you are not eloquent enough to understand the testaments, there are books that are called “Talmud” in our days they are called, “Bible commentary” You could buy a couple of them, and any passage you want explanation on, these could help you. If you think none of these books have the answer to your problems, then you seek the Lord in prayer to send a revelation. No marriage life is free of misunderstanding, and free of interference of family and friends. Most marriage life is riddled with money problems, and power struggle. Many marriage couples are sexually incompatible, after most women have their children and reaches a certain age, their sex life begins to go downhill. Those who work hard to help the husbands make ends meet, defiantly take a hit their sex urges. My wife and I married at a very young, I was still twenty-four, and she even younger, everywhere we go we were the young married couple there; everybody sees our marriage as a boast. Making matters worse; I was too hot tempered and so was she. Jamaicans call this “Fasty” One day before the wedding; we have one hell verbal fight. Only my wife's mother vote for me, and saw something in me. Even my mother told the wife. “He is ignorant.”, “In-fact he is hog-ignorant.” Thirty-eight years later, to date, we were still sleeping together. By twenty-eight years, old we were now ordained ministers, verbal fight become physical fight. I went to have a talk with the Lord to find out what I was doing wrong, and this is what I was told: What happened after this is a legend!

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Special Notes

Every writer have their own style, and ethics, I do not intentionally tries to insults my readers with my style. I pen the way I speaks, this is my style, if my reader find it offensive, I apologizes.

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