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Revival Tract Ministries Academy Of Theology, Inc.
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Spirit of God

Mission Statement

Spirit of God

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Jamaican flag

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How To Nurture New Christians

Relationship Doomed From The Start

Relationship from Hitting The Curve

Wrong Information Can Kill

Never To Have A Fight With Husband

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Opera Did Not Denied Christ

Relationship From Falling Into Vomit

Spirit of God

How To Get Along With People

Why We Should Not Change People

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How To Make The Christians Life Easy


Flag Of United States


How To Make The Christians Life Easy

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Get Rid Of Nasty Coworkers


The Holy Spirit Is In Operation

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How To Bounce Back From Rock Bottom


Spirit of God


Faze Out Of a ministry You Helped To Start.

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flag flag of ghana

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Is Speaking In Tongues Appicable

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The Global Christians Relationship

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Heartless Law Makers

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Articles Galore

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Women Up Off The Church's Floor.

Not A White Men religion Only

Christians Development Series


Christians Love

Salvation Series

So-Call Bible Contradictions

Days Of Worship

Controversial Topics

How Much Rights Does Americans Need

How Satan Captured Christians

Wicked Pastors

Importance Why We Are Here

What To Do When Law Enforcment Stop You

How To Know If It Is The Holy Spirit Talking To You

When Pastors are Not Telling The Truth

Christians Get Themselves In Spiritual Troubles

When Your Family Member Is Becoming A Terrorist.

Why Fight A thing You Know Is Not Real

Evangelizing And Soul Winning

Water Baptism Series

Dealing Cults And Perverted Gospel

Links Of Importance Series

New Christians Series

The Great Faith Booster Series

The Burning Of Christians Homes & Churches.

Avoid Conflicts With Women

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The Secrets How To Keep A Man?

Is Jesus Black Or White?

Visit Our Face Book Page

Surviving WorkPlace Politics

Do Not Bring Racism To Jamaica

People Trashing Your life

How To Deal With Hate Mongers

How To Divorce Proof Your Relationship.

What New Authors Must know

Ministry Explode In Success

How We Can Bell the cat

Returning Resident Must Know

The Secret To fight diabetic

The In-filling Of The Holy Ghost

Dealing With Toilet Paper Mouth People

Charismatic Want To Be

The Women In The Shadow

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Articles Bundles

Why Christians Sick

Secrets Of Women


What To Do When Isolate You

What To Do When The Relationship Is Dead.

Why The Relationship Failed.

How To Know What Spirit Is Operating In Your Church.

How To Survive A Broken Heart.

Does God Responsible For Nationals Disasters

How To Prevent People From Screwing You

What To Do When Your Job Gone Illegal

Preventing Others From Making You Go Bitter

Why Some People Cannot Connect With A Lover

Gift that Is Not Yours Put Your

Where Does Women Hurts?

Out Of Debtors Nightmare

Where Does Women Hurts?

When The Relationship Is Sliding Off The Rail

Who Bring Christianity To Africa

How To Melt Down Difficult People.

Remain where you were saved

How To Read A Women Like A Book

Why Did Judas Betrayed Christ

The secret How To Lead Souls To Christ

Understanding The Work Of Redemption

Your Mate Influence By The Wrong Crowd

Understanding The Work Of Redemption

The secret How To Lead Souls To Christ

Why Christians Get Hurt

How To Get Rid Of Nasty Coworkers

Pastor Is A Politician Mascot.

How To See Relationship Red Flags

Getting Yourself Kill By A Lover

Why The Power Of God Not In Operation.

How To Understand The Work Of Salvation.

Prevent You From Getting An Ass Whipping

Against Poisonous Racial Attitudes

Marriage From Falling Into Dirty Water

How To Survive God's Boot Camp

When God Will Not Answer!

How To Know When Your Children Are Being Molested

When God Will Not Answer!

What To Do When People Block Your Path

What Does It Mean To Be Fill With The Holy Ghost

How To Protect Yourself Against Sheep killers in Church

Why They Trash The Faith

How To Protect Yourself Against Sheep killers in Church

How To Avoid Picking Up Embarrasment At Church

How To Know When Your Child Is Being Abused.

The Secret Of Doing Spiritual Warfare.

How To Grow In Your Christian faith

How To Spot Terrorists Among US

Can You Live Up To What You Believe

God Is Not Into Quick Fixing Our Lives.

What does one have to do to get Jesus

Things That New Christians Should know

Women, Church, And Deamons

What You Need To Know Before Becoming A Pastor

The Razors Below!

Secret How Christians, Muslims And Jews Living in Peace

When Your Pastor Refused To Share His Pulpit

Critics Find Jesus skull Bones?

Staying Young And Healthy

Florida Certification Board

Home Equity Scams

Christisns In Common Law Marriage

Helping The Albinos

What Women Hates Most

How To Walk Through The Christian Life With Ease3

Is He Coming In The Relationship For Money?

Bible Told Women To Love Their Husbands!

What Does It Truly Mean To Have Faith

How To Cast A Demon Out Of Your House

Your Children In A Church Where They Put Spirit In People

Where Does Men Hurt?

Why Does The Name Jesus Terrified Some People

Where Does Men Hurt?

From Demons Posing To Be The Holy Ghost

How To Stop The Trend Of Christians Backsliding

Six Hundreds & Thirteen Commandments In The Old Testament

How To Deal With people Talking behind Your Backs

The Cost Of Not Following Jesus

How To Know When Satan Desired To Have You

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The Secret In Reading People Spirit

Prevent Losing Your Home

People That give You An Image

RoadBlock Your Marriage

Preparing Your Biracial Children

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Gifts Of Discernment To Know What Satan

When They Put You Down

How To Tie Down Your Favorit man.

Wives Get Kick To Curves

Satan Masquariding As The Holy Spirit

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US Government Buisness Service

Destroying The Country

When Stop By Law Enforcment

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Why Christians Suffer


Why Christians Suffer

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Preventing people From Toilet On You

How To Stop Marital Problems.

Deactivating God's Power In Your Life

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The Secret Why No Answer To Prayers

How To Deal With Phonies People

How To Avenge An Enemy

Heal Yourself When Wounded In Church

How To Be A Warrior For Jesus

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Why Christians loose Their Blessing

How To Stop Marital Problems.

Deactivating God's Power In Your Life?


People Are Tearing You Down

Why Some Find The Christians Life Hard

The Kind Of People To Avoid At All Cost

Cause Christian Marriages To Fail

How To Study The Bible

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Dangers Dealing With Gullible people

flag of ghana

How To Get God To Work For You


Danger Of Letting People Hijack Your Life

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Becoming Angry At God

The enemy From defeating you

How Attitude Can Down A Marriage

What To Do When Stopped By Police

Braking Down Racial Barriers

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How To Survive Unsurpulus People.

Dangers Helping certain People

Surviving A Person With A Bad Mouth

Muslims And Christians Teaching?

Not Winning Young People To Christ

How To Deal With Nasty People

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In Services for nurses


How To let Racism Cave In On Itself


Jamaican Gleaner

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Can A Demon Verbally Say Jesus Is Lord?

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How To Have Harmonious Relationship With Your Wife Always!

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Christians Defensive Training

Ce compliance made easy

Living With People With Baggages

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The Secret To Live With Anyone

Church Women Not Winning Their Husband To Christ

Pastors Loosing To Colleges Professors

The Eternal Evidence Of Salvation

Knowing When Satan Gain The edge Over A Believer

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Surviving Black Phobea

Prevent Yourself & Family From Self-Inflicted Curses

You Cannot Live The Christian Life On Your Own

The Doctrines Of Salvation

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Inservices For Nurses And CNA


Government Tax Lean


Pure While Living In Racist Society

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Church Staffing

Tax Return Transcript

The Part That Likes And Dislikes Plays In Human Society

How To Live Among Friends With Different Dogmas And Avoiding Hurting Their Feelings

Florida Licensing.

Meet The Author

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Author Biography Of Dr. James. A McBean. D. Th., MCC

Mis-Interpretation Of Scriptures Prevent Our Blessing

Revival Tract Ministries Inc. Registration Number: N12000002935 Orlando FlORIDA. USA. Copyright 1999. By Dr. James A McBean, Th., MCC. All rights reserved

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